Why Partner with LPL?

LPL might not be a household name to the average investor, but financial advisors know it as the largest independent broker/dealer in the country* and 5th largest among all Full-Service Wealth Management firms.

The decision to partner with LPL Financial is really a simple one. Full service firms are being pulled in all directions for their attention and resources (such as separate departments for proprietary mutual funds, investment banking, proprietary trading groups, bond departments that are used as profit centers, etc.). Due to major problems in one or more of these divisions, we have seen mergers and bankruptcies of firms that were in existence for more than a century. We have seen other firms that needed TARP money from the government to survive (while at the same time giving exorbitant bonuses to their executives). These firms were once the proud leaders of Wall Street. Their names forever tarnished due to the risks taken to make a few extra dollars in divisions that had nothing to do with client investing. Clients now not only had to worry about the value of their investments, but if the firm they were with would survive the enormous mistakes made in other parts of the company.

We wanted to be with a firm whose ONLY business is Wealth Management. A firm that took NO TARP money from the government. LPL’s sole purpose is to support their financial advisors with research, top financial planning technology, and the best money managers available. We are proud to be a part of LPL and we are confident that together, we can all create a great partnership in your future.

*Based on total revenues, as reported in Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2019.